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    Is all TV bad for children?

    TV is not all bad for children.  There are many reports that label TV bad for children – and in each case the TV viewing was totally indiscriminate – in other words – the children were watching any TV shows.

    More recently some targeted reports have been conducted by credible institutions such as Virginia University which clearly demonstrated that the content of the TV shows determined the outcomes of the study.

    If children watched highly educational shows – at the end of study they were smarter and brighter than those who had watch anything and everything on TV.  

    No surprises there.  TV is a super powerful medium –it can induce children and adults alike to watch absolute rubbish.  

    As a parent looking to enrich your children’s lives and fast track some learning for them while they are enjoying some entertainment, TV can be a wonderful resource.

    It all comes down to which shows you let them watch.

    For example – as babies and toddlers give them Snapatoonies shows to watch.  They are packed with information, fun facts and intelligent conversation with the kids.  Snapatoonies is highly interactive, so rather than just sitting in front of the TV, it engages them and they join in the fun.

    Another thing to look for is the format of the shows – how predictive are they?  It they are exactly the same format every show this instantly reduces the learning opportunities.  

    Snapatoonies has new characters and stories in ever show, so your child is constantly engaged and learning.

    We all know that there are good and bad choices when it comes to TV for all ages.  While your child is little, it is our decision whether they watch good quality learning TV or the other stuff that clutters children’s TV time.  

    Remember – they are always learning from whatever is on the box, so choose wisely.



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    "Children need models more than they need critics.
    Joseph Joubert, Pensées"
    Snapatoonies is a fun learning tool - use it to help your little one fast track their learning.


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    The Easiest way to teach your toddler to read – and have fun while doing it!

    Play Snapatoonies shows.  

    Then play them again.  

    Each and every Snapatoonies show:

    1. Talks intelligently to your toddler

    2. Encourages them to interact with the show asking for intelligent answers

    3. Always puts the words on the screen for them to see and begin reading.  

    4. Uses repetition so they see the words again and again – but in a lively fun way.

    5. Makes learning fun

    6. Uses the power of TV for good!  

    7. Your child will learn so much, so fast you will be amazed!

    Seriously – you will be amazed how quickly your child will recognize the words on the screen and be able to read them.

    Rather than being bored and finding reading hard – they will have learnt to read hundreds of words and had fun while doing it.

    With Snapatoonies – learning is fun, highly interactive, fast paced and enjoyable.image


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    4 super fun and affordable toddler resources

    Here are 4 super resources that I have used to teach my kids to love learning.

    1. Libraries are a wonderful resource – they have wonderful books, CD’s with kid’s music, educational DVD for the kids and many now have toy libraries.  Find a library or toy library near you – your kids get to play with new toys each week and it saves you a fortune.

    2. Fun filled playgrounds.  We are constantly on the look out for new playgrounds and with a packed lunch often head out to spend some time at different playgrounds we find.  There are often other kids to play with and new challenges for them to learn.  Rather than going to the same one each week – seek out new ones in surrounding areas – maybe car pool with a friend or plan a social get together with other families.

    3. Start your DVD collection with some learning DVDs.  Rather than the latest cartoon animation – grab a Snapatoonies DVD – you will be pleasantly surprised how much your little one can learn from watching the DVD.  It is fun, interactive and all while they are learning.  image

    4. Zoo and children’s museums are great value – especially if you take out a yearly membership.  Rather than costing you $30-50 for a single family trip, you can go many times throughout the year – so your cost per visit can be as low as $5-10.  We buy one each year – often a different one then we can go at our leisure – often spending 3-4 hours at the zoo each time.  This makes it much more fun for the kids as 3-4 hours is about their limit. We take a picnic lunch (sandwiches, cut up apple and water and a treat like a homemade cupcake or cookie) and have a great, fun, cheap day out.


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    Heavy head?

    Do you know that your brains weigh about 3 pounds?



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    3 ways to make toddler car travel more fun

    Car drives both short and long can be boring.  Turn off the radio and play some fun games with the kids.  They will enjoy your attention and the trip will be more fun for everyone.

    Here are some fun things we enjoy on car trips:

    1. Playing in the playgrounds and parks.  We are always on the lookout for a good playground and we have been to so many different ones.  They all provide slightly different challenges and experiences, and new friends for the kids to play with.  Always be on the lookout and don’t be afraid to stop and give the kids some extra exercise and fun.  Ten minutes can make all the difference.

    2. Play “I Spy” in an appropriate version – here are some versions we use on both short and long journeys:

    - I spy something that is a …… color

    - I spy a number plate starting with the letter ….

    - I spy something that is a ….. shape

    - I spy a number …. On a sign

    - I spy something that can…..

    - I spy something that goes fast/slow/is noisy etc

    3. If your car has a DVD use the time for the kids to watch some learning DVD’s.  Kids happily watch and learn from an interactive fun DVD like Snapatoonies.  You will arrive knowing that while you were busy driving they were busy learning … and having fun doing it.

    Our kids have watched hundreds of educational DVD’s while we travel – we joke that it is the best classroom time they have had.  Madi and Denny will often share something they have learnt from an educational DVD they have watched while we have navigated traffic.  Travel time can be a great learning time.

    Brought to you by Snapatoonies - make toddler TV time fun learning time



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    Snapatoonies…building a “Budding animal expert”

    My daughter pulls this DVD out every day - she just loves it.  I was delighted as I watched her tell her friends all about the animals in her show - this information really is sticking.”
    Paula Reid from Colorado, USA

    Snapatonies - make toddler tv time learning time


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    Snapatoonies - Love It!

    Abby Apple and her Fruit Friends, a very friendly host (Abby Apple) takes children through the world of nature to see the different types of fruit and where they come from.  At the toddler stage, children are making decisions about food and building their own eating habits. 

    This introduction to the world of healthy foods will be an encouragement to make the right choices.  Colors, shapes, and letters are addressed appropriately as well, making the teaching deep and relevant.  The engaging format and minimal animation is perfect for this age child. 

    He or she will enjoy interacting with Abby, her friends, and the train full of other kids.  The learning that comes from the video will complement the teaching that comes from parents at this crucial stage of development.  This is a great addition to every parent’s toolbox as we guide our child through this important phase of life.

    As one of the few series out there designed for toddlers instead of preschoolers, this Snapatoonies series is a must have for every parent.  Offering variety with consistency, the DVDs are all interactive, focused on vital basic concepts, and simply animated to allow the toddler brain to focus and process.  Numbers, colors, animals, fruit, and shapes are the basic ideas presented, but are just the beginning.  Just as with life, learning opportunities are waiting around every corner. 

    Teachable moments are seized to provide depth, but accessibility to the content.  The varying character hosts and plot lines make this series one that bucks the repetitive pattern of so many children’s series.  The journey through the episodes doesn’t feel like a broken record.  

    My child interacts, learns, remembers, and makes life connections.  This is a great supplement to the early learning activities we are doing with our children each day. Highly recommended by this parent and teacher.

    Tracey D.

    — 2 years ago
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    4 ways to use TV for good, not….

    We have always been very careful what our children watched – you know the saying “garbage in – garbage out”…  and like all parents we wanted our kids to be bright, clever and engaged in life, so here are some of the things we watch out for when choosing TV time:

    1. Choose the programs carefully.  There are some super great educational shows – start your kids watching quality shows from when they are little.

    2. Watch the shows beforehand so that you can select the best shows from those available.

    3. If you can’t watch them before hand, at least try to watch the shows with your children and don’t be afraid to turn them off if they are not suitable.

    4. Choose to watch Public broadcasting stations where possible.  Public broadcasting stations have far less advertising and are often required to limit highly aggressive and pushy advertising that is targeted at getting your child to become consumers.  Use TV to educate them with quality information – not “I want” lists.

    TV can be a great resource for you to use with your children.  It can not only entertain them – it will teach them many things.  Make sure that it is teaching them the kinds of things that you want them to learn…. (and don’t forget to check out Snapatoonies… thanks)

    Snapatoonies - make toddler TV time learning time



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    …time to slow down?

    "Pausing to listen to an airplane in the sky, stooping to watch a ladybug on a plant, sitting on a rock to watch the waves crash over the quayside - children have their own agendas and timescales.  As they find out more about their world and their place in it, they work hard not to let adults hurry them.  We need to hear their voices".  ~Cathy Nutbrown



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