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    Is all TV bad for children?

    TV is not all bad for children.  There are many reports that label TV bad for children – and in each case the TV viewing was totally indiscriminate – in other words – the children were watching any TV shows.

    More recently some targeted reports have been conducted by credible institutions such as Virginia University which clearly demonstrated that the content of the TV shows determined the outcomes of the study.

    If children watched highly educational shows – at the end of study they were smarter and brighter than those who had watch anything and everything on TV.  

    No surprises there.  TV is a super powerful medium –it can induce children and adults alike to watch absolute rubbish.  

    As a parent looking to enrich your children’s lives and fast track some learning for them while they are enjoying some entertainment, TV can be a wonderful resource.

    It all comes down to which shows you let them watch.

    For example – as babies and toddlers give them Snapatoonies shows to watch.  They are packed with information, fun facts and intelligent conversation with the kids.  Snapatoonies is highly interactive, so rather than just sitting in front of the TV, it engages them and they join in the fun.

    Another thing to look for is the format of the shows – how predictive are they?  It they are exactly the same format every show this instantly reduces the learning opportunities.  

    Snapatoonies has new characters and stories in ever show, so your child is constantly engaged and learning.

    We all know that there are good and bad choices when it comes to TV for all ages.  While your child is little, it is our decision whether they watch good quality learning TV or the other stuff that clutters children’s TV time.  

    Remember – they are always learning from whatever is on the box, so choose wisely.



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    7 good food tips for smart toddlers

    1. Skip the advertising and go for the foods that will power their bodies for life – give them as many vegetables as possible in as many forms – each is a packet of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will help your child’s engines power. 

    2. Power pack their foods – kids bodies are super engines powering all the functions they need for optimum performance – muscles, brain power, processing and cleaning stations, growth and repair area etc etc.  

    3. Add foods that naturally sweeten food plus give them valuable vitamins minerals and roughage.  For babies stewed foods – add pumpkin and squash or sweet potato to sweeten the taste.  Use nutrient packed tomato sauces and pasta sauces with vegetables and meats giving them foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

    4. For toddlers move to raw carrots, organic frozen peas and corn, steam yellow squash, peppers and broccoli. 

    5. Have fun with your food - we call broccoli “trees”.  We use fun names for different shaped pasta –we call penne pasta, telescope pasta and give them some raw pasta to look through while waiting for their dinner.  Spaghetti pasta is snake pasta because it slithers like a snake.

    6. Rather than using ketchup or store brought tomato sauce we always make extra pasta sauce packed with vegetablesand give that to the kids to replace ketchup.  

    7. To encourage the kids to eat some veggies we give them “dipping sauce” using some of the pasta sauce.  Broccoli trees taste great when dipped in some warmed pasta sauce as do carrot sticks and the kids love dipping them.  (Remember don’t overcook them or they fall apart – aldante is the go here).

    Brought to you by Snapatoonies Kids DVD’s - Brain food for your kids!image


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    "Children need models more than they need critics.
    Joseph Joubert, Pensées"
    Snapatoonies is a fun learning tool - use it to help your little one fast track their learning.


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    The Easiest way to teach your toddler to read – and have fun while doing it!

    Play Snapatoonies shows.  

    Then play them again.  

    Each and every Snapatoonies show:

    1. Talks intelligently to your toddler

    2. Encourages them to interact with the show asking for intelligent answers

    3. Always puts the words on the screen for them to see and begin reading.  

    4. Uses repetition so they see the words again and again – but in a lively fun way.

    5. Makes learning fun

    6. Uses the power of TV for good!  

    7. Your child will learn so much, so fast you will be amazed!

    Seriously – you will be amazed how quickly your child will recognize the words on the screen and be able to read them.

    Rather than being bored and finding reading hard – they will have learnt to read hundreds of words and had fun while doing it.

    With Snapatoonies – learning is fun, highly interactive, fast paced and enjoyable.image


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    ""There can be no keener revelation of a society’s soul than the way in which it treats its children."
    Nelson Mandela"
    Snapatoonies - brain food for kids


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    4 super fun and affordable toddler resources

    Here are 4 super resources that I have used to teach my kids to love learning.

    1. Libraries are a wonderful resource – they have wonderful books, CD’s with kid’s music, educational DVD for the kids and many now have toy libraries.  Find a library or toy library near you – your kids get to play with new toys each week and it saves you a fortune.

    2. Fun filled playgrounds.  We are constantly on the look out for new playgrounds and with a packed lunch often head out to spend some time at different playgrounds we find.  There are often other kids to play with and new challenges for them to learn.  Rather than going to the same one each week – seek out new ones in surrounding areas – maybe car pool with a friend or plan a social get together with other families.

    3. Start your DVD collection with some learning DVDs.  Rather than the latest cartoon animation – grab a Snapatoonies DVD – you will be pleasantly surprised how much your little one can learn from watching the DVD.  It is fun, interactive and all while they are learning.  image

    4. Zoo and children’s museums are great value – especially if you take out a yearly membership.  Rather than costing you $30-50 for a single family trip, you can go many times throughout the year – so your cost per visit can be as low as $5-10.  We buy one each year – often a different one then we can go at our leisure – often spending 3-4 hours at the zoo each time.  This makes it much more fun for the kids as 3-4 hours is about their limit. We take a picnic lunch (sandwiches, cut up apple and water and a treat like a homemade cupcake or cookie) and have a great, fun, cheap day out.


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    Learning new things grows your brain!

    Studies have shown that when you are learning new things, your brain is changing and making new neuron connections very quickly.  This is one reason is so important to provide lots of stimulation to little ones - it maximizes their brain growth and development.

    Snapatoonies - Brain food for little ones. What is your favorite Snapatoonies show?

    BTW- anytime you learn something new your brain changes - even as adults it is important that we keep learning and making new neuron pathways to keep our brain active and changing.  :-)



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    Be what you want them to be….

    “Your children will become what you are; so be what you want them to be.”
    David Bly 

    Snapatoonies - learning with fun educational TV


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    TV turns kids into consumers

    I am sure you have seen the kids in supermarkets demanding a certain type of cereal or a box of cookies.  In most cases TV is teaching our kids what to eat, how to dress and how to behave – and it is not all good.

    TV is a powerful medium and let’s not mess around – the people placing the advertising on TV mean to extract every cent they can from you via your kids for as long as they possibly can.  To that end they spent millions in learning how to turn your kids into consumers.  The “I want” kids.

    Why are kids eating sugar filled cereals with barely any nutritional value?  TV taught them (and their parents before them).

    Why are they demanding toys every time mom takes them shopping?  TV taught them to they need new toys all the time.

    And… why are we all buying things we don’t really need?  TV tells every one is so we should.

    Meanwhile companies are getting bigger, richer and more powerful and we are working harder and harder to try to keep up with the growing demands.

    We decided to jump off the treadmill – so we switched off the mainstream TV in our home (saved a heap on cable costs) and moved to watching educational TV with our kids or documentaries in our time.

    It was the single biggest and hardest addiction to give up…. No news, no rubbish shows to relax in front of at night, no mind numbing soaps…and instead shows focused on improving our lives and that of our kids.

    It was the best decision we ever made – we could think more clearly and began to do things we really wanted to do with our family.

    The kids don’t ask for things all the time – no commercials telling them to want things – they don’t even know the latest toy craze – so we can to choose good toys for them.  No cereal demands – so they don’t eat any rubbish sugar filled cereals – so they are much healthier and happier.

    Yes it is a strange thing not to know what was on the news last night – but instead, I spent some more time with my kids – and that made me smile. That’s good news!

    Snapatoonies - good quality TV for toddlers.


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