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    7 good food tips for smart toddlers

    1. Skip the advertising and go for the foods that will power their bodies for life – give them as many vegetables as possible in as many forms – each is a packet of vitamins, minerals and nutrients that will help your child’s engines power. 

    2. Power pack their foods – kids bodies are super engines powering all the functions they need for optimum performance – muscles, brain power, processing and cleaning stations, growth and repair area etc etc.  

    3. Add foods that naturally sweeten food plus give them valuable vitamins minerals and roughage.  For babies stewed foods – add pumpkin and squash or sweet potato to sweeten the taste.  Use nutrient packed tomato sauces and pasta sauces with vegetables and meats giving them foods rich in vitamins and minerals.

    4. For toddlers move to raw carrots, organic frozen peas and corn, steam yellow squash, peppers and broccoli. 

    5. Have fun with your food - we call broccoli “trees”.  We use fun names for different shaped pasta –we call penne pasta, telescope pasta and give them some raw pasta to look through while waiting for their dinner.  Spaghetti pasta is snake pasta because it slithers like a snake.

    6. Rather than using ketchup or store brought tomato sauce we always make extra pasta sauce packed with vegetablesand give that to the kids to replace ketchup.  

    7. To encourage the kids to eat some veggies we give them “dipping sauce” using some of the pasta sauce.  Broccoli trees taste great when dipped in some warmed pasta sauce as do carrot sticks and the kids love dipping them.  (Remember don’t overcook them or they fall apart – aldante is the go here).

    Brought to you by Snapatoonies Kids DVD’s - Brain food for your kids!image


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    52x Snapatoonies

    Did you know we have 52 shows - yes 4x Series in Production.

    You can see all the show titles and log lines, who is starring in them and what stages they are at on the Jordle Website - Series page.

    Take a look - we update it as shows are complete…..

    and for our wonderful Snapatoonies Voice Talent - it is a great page to add to your Bio - shows you are part of our Snapatoonies Team!


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    ""The soul is healed by being with children."
    Fyodor Dostoevsky"
    Snapatoonies - something specially made for growing minds


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    TV turns kids into consumers

    I am sure you have seen the kids in supermarkets demanding a certain type of cereal or a box of cookies.  In most cases TV is teaching our kids what to eat, how to dress and how to behave – and it is not all good.

    TV is a powerful medium and let’s not mess around – the people placing the advertising on TV mean to extract every cent they can from you via your kids for as long as they possibly can.  To that end they spent millions in learning how to turn your kids into consumers.  The “I want” kids.

    Why are kids eating sugar filled cereals with barely any nutritional value?  TV taught them (and their parents before them).

    Why are they demanding toys every time mom takes them shopping?  TV taught them to they need new toys all the time.

    And… why are we all buying things we don’t really need?  TV tells every one is so we should.

    Meanwhile companies are getting bigger, richer and more powerful and we are working harder and harder to try to keep up with the growing demands.

    We decided to jump off the treadmill – so we switched off the mainstream TV in our home (saved a heap on cable costs) and moved to watching educational TV with our kids or documentaries in our time.

    It was the single biggest and hardest addiction to give up…. No news, no rubbish shows to relax in front of at night, no mind numbing soaps…and instead shows focused on improving our lives and that of our kids.

    It was the best decision we ever made – we could think more clearly and began to do things we really wanted to do with our family.

    The kids don’t ask for things all the time – no commercials telling them to want things – they don’t even know the latest toy craze – so we can to choose good toys for them.  No cereal demands – so they don’t eat any rubbish sugar filled cereals – so they are much healthier and happier.

    Yes it is a strange thing not to know what was on the news last night – but instead, I spent some more time with my kids – and that made me smile. That’s good news!

    Snapatoonies - good quality TV for toddlers.


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    Snapatoonies…building a “Budding animal expert”

    My daughter pulls this DVD out every day - she just loves it.  I was delighted as I watched her tell her friends all about the animals in her show - this information really is sticking.”
    Paula Reid from Colorado, USA

    Snapatonies - make toddler tv time learning time


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    Snapatoonies - a “Great way to learn”

    What a terrific way for kids to connect all their animals - really we show them stuffed, plastic, pictures, photo’s and then take them to the zoo - this show teaches more than just the names of the animals - what smart thinking. 

    Well done to the Snapatoonies people for thinking of this.”
    Penny from San Diego, CA       


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    Snapatoonies - Love It!

    Abby Apple and her Fruit Friends, a very friendly host (Abby Apple) takes children through the world of nature to see the different types of fruit and where they come from.  At the toddler stage, children are making decisions about food and building their own eating habits. 

    This introduction to the world of healthy foods will be an encouragement to make the right choices.  Colors, shapes, and letters are addressed appropriately as well, making the teaching deep and relevant.  The engaging format and minimal animation is perfect for this age child. 

    He or she will enjoy interacting with Abby, her friends, and the train full of other kids.  The learning that comes from the video will complement the teaching that comes from parents at this crucial stage of development.  This is a great addition to every parent’s toolbox as we guide our child through this important phase of life.

    As one of the few series out there designed for toddlers instead of preschoolers, this Snapatoonies series is a must have for every parent.  Offering variety with consistency, the DVDs are all interactive, focused on vital basic concepts, and simply animated to allow the toddler brain to focus and process.  Numbers, colors, animals, fruit, and shapes are the basic ideas presented, but are just the beginning.  Just as with life, learning opportunities are waiting around every corner. 

    Teachable moments are seized to provide depth, but accessibility to the content.  The varying character hosts and plot lines make this series one that bucks the repetitive pattern of so many children’s series.  The journey through the episodes doesn’t feel like a broken record.  

    My child interacts, learns, remembers, and makes life connections.  This is a great supplement to the early learning activities we are doing with our children each day. Highly recommended by this parent and teacher.

    Tracey D.

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    Fruit frivolity!…

    Never thought learning about fruit with my son would be so much fun…. thanks for taking toddler learning out of the box and making it a fun and interactive playtime.  Love it.

    Nessa G. from Galveston, United States



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    "Mohandes Ghandi, the political and spiritual leader in India said
    “If we are to teach real peace in this world, and if we are to carry on a real war against war, we shall have to begin with the children.”
    So true…."
    Snapatoonies - fun learning time


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    "Great for little kids" says Christen

    My two daughters, ages 3 and 6, both enjoyed the Snapatoonies series immensely. The characters and language were upbeat, cheerful and, dare I say it, “Oh so clever!”

    The dialect by the French Grape character was particularly enjoyable. My girls were laughing aloud at the quirkiness.

    The reiteration and content were great, as well. My kids love to interact as much as possible when watching movies, so they responded to every prompt. I’d recommend this series to anyone with young children.

    Christen from Portland, OR

    Snapatoonies - make toddler tv time learning time



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